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Petite Trolley
Petite Trolley
The classic coffee and bakery, just as we like it

It’s important to start your day off right with the best coffee and bakery experience possible: skillfully-baked buttery and flaky croissants and perfectly brewed coffee. Our homemade coffee and croissants are made fresh daily. The good bakery is a thing of beauty, and it’s on our Petite Trolley. On-the-go, Petite’s Healthy coffee is an unbeatable choice of every morning cup.

Buttery goodness that gets your mouth watering. Just the way we like it

It’s not just a coffee and bakery. It’s a journey. We’ve all heard of the chocolate and croissants, but when it comes to an origin or flaky goodness that melts in your mouth, there’s only one way to go: with MUU’s Chocolate and a croissant au beurre.

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We scoured pâtisseries wide for this delectable treat – but they always came up short. So, we sourced the best: flaky outside and soft inside, contrasting textures that make every bite an intense experience. The goodness of chocolate and a croissants butter and the golden-brown hues make this crescent-shaped pastry an experience you’ll never forget.

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