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8 Musique

8 Musique

November 28, 2022
Mr. Max B.

There is no better time than now to talk about the return of vinyl records and the people who grew up with them.

Everyone loves music, and that is a fact, and such a fact is so absolute that anyone who argues otherwise should have their heads examined. No offense. 

The love of music can be expressed in a number of ways, the most common of which is to listen to music via smartphone apps such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and so on. And to some, they prefer to listen to their favorite radio station, or even go to concert if they really love the artist.

However, there is another extreme group that appreciates the finest way to enjoy music. These are the individuals who prefer to listen to, and collect vinyl records.

The most interesting conversations never begin on purpose, and speaking with Mr.Paul, the owner of 8 Musique, located on the ground floor of Eight Thonglor Mall, is one of the most intellectual exchanges you will ever have when it comes to music.

Paul’s passion for music began when he was a child, when there was no official music store in Thailand and all you could get your hands on was a pirated copy. Nobody in Thailand knows what a copyright is, and he knows nothing about music other than the Thai music that he usually listens to. Back in the day, the only way to listen to music was to pay to listen to a jukebox, which was usually installed in either a café or an ice cream shop.

As time passed, he observed the changes in the music industry—from cassette tape to CD, from CD to other formats—and while he wasn’t aware of his true passion, a colleague of his noticed his music knowledge and invited him to become a DJ.

A couple of years later, as he became known for his knowledge in music, he was invited by some of the biggest department store executives to open a music store there, then after a while, he relocated to 8 Thonglor. That is the same time when vinyl records made a comeback.

“But how did vinyl records regain popularity?” “It started from this small group of hard-core fans who love the vinyl records and don’t want it gone forever,” he implied. They banded together and demanded that all studios never abandon it.”

“They worked hard for it, and it paid off… Not in the grand scheme of things, but the studios recognized this and produced just enough vinyl records to meet the demand of these individuals. This is why vinyl record prices skyrocketed in the 1990s; it had become a niche.”

Many people (including the author) may wonder, “What’s the difference between listening to music in digital format and listening to music from vinyl records?” and Paul would simply respond, “The quality is up to personal preference.” The music in a digital format is crisp and clear, just like everything that gets better over time, compared to the soft and smooth tone that can only be found on vinyl. It is, indeed, different, but only slightly.

“What truly distinguishes both is the appreciation effort made by those who truly enjoy it. And as long as there are enough people giving it the love it deserves, vinyl records will never go away.”

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