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Ardel Third Place, a hidden art gallery on Thonglor Soi 10, invites you to see, sip, and savor.

Ardel Third Place, a hidden art gallery on Thonglor Soi 10, invites you to see, sip, and savor.

February 8, 2023
Max B.

Art galleries in Bangkok are multiplying like never before, and regardless of the cause for each` one, it is now a good moment for us all to appreciate the positive intentions many gallery owners have for artists, particularly the younger generation.

Located on Thonglor Soi 10, Ardel’s Third Place Art Gallery is an excellent example for any individuals who loves art and wants to share it with everyone without any ulterior motives, and if you’re feeling some sort of familiarity with the name, then yes, it is the second art gallery to branch out from another art gallery, “Ardel Gallery of Modern Art” (owned by the same owner) on Boromrachachonnanee Road.

If you have never been here before, you will have a difficult time finding the gallery because Ardel Third Place Art Gallery is located on the first floor of The Third Place Bangkok building, and it is somewhat hidden in a rather perplexing building with multiple entrances, so it is not unusual to ask the direction from the building personnel who appears to be eager to escort you to the destination.

The gallery is straightforward, mostly consisting of a mix of cool and vibrant contemporary art, and the main highlights are their monthly events that emphasizes their ideal of supporting young and veteran artists.

However, even though there is no gallery on the second story, the voyage continues on the third floor, where they continue to present a variety of Thai art, including paintings andsculpture at Lava Restaurant. Surrounded by dining tables that don’t actually resemble a restaurant, but rather an art exhibit with a dining option.

Their featured food included crispy “Calamari Fritti” served with tartar sauce and lime, “Tuna Spicy Salad” Romaine Lettuce with spicy dressing and Japanese mayo dressing, “Pizza Seafood AOP” a spicy pizza with tomato sauce, seafood selection, thinly sliced garlic, chili, and basil topping, “Café de Paris” Angus tenderloin served with cafe de paris sauce, lemon dressing, and french fries, and “Kung Kawe Thod,” a Thai dish of crispy tiny prawns with Thai herb condiments, and “Khao Phad Nam Prik Ma Kham,” Thai-style fried rice with tamarind and grilled marinated pork neck.

One word of caution: the cuisines are not for everyone, especially those who have never tasted the spicier side of Thai food before, and the spicy dishes are mainly geared at individuals who appreciate true Thai flavor. But there are other non-spicy foods that are both modest and delicious. Furthermore, what makes it worthwhile to visit is that you are not limited to indoor dining, but also have access to a spacious outdoor terrace with a fantastic view of Thonglor. What are we overlooking? Oh, if you’re wondering if there’s anything else that might perfect out the experience, cocktails, craft beers, and wines from all around the world are also available. Lots of it.

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