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Beast Burger

Beast Burger

March 1, 2023
Max B.

If steak and wine aren’t your usual Thonglor fare, well, we might have something for you.

Nightlife, luxury, and exclusive experience has always been a part of Thonglor. Whether you prefer hanging out in a well-decorated bar, dining in at Michelin starred restaurant, or simply just shopping for exclusively crafted items, we have to say, Thonglor got it all covered.

But sometimes, after a long day, all you will ever need is to simply sit back and munching down a cheeseburger while drinking a glass of beer.

Beast Burger has expanded from a little yellow food truck to an outdoor restaurant on Chiang Mai’s Nimmanhaemin Road, and is now available in Bangkok as Beast & Butter. The restaurant, housed in a compact, bright yellow shop in Thonglor, boasts eight beer taps flowing everything from Italian lager to English IPA, as well as chef Panthakit “Bond” Sadudeewong’s renowned American-style burgers, and it is a great example of how Thonglor can be anything you want it to be.

Upon arrival, you will immediately pick up on the warm and cosy vibe that the restaurant exudes, even though each table is stationed very close to the next, but the dimly lit warm light makes it private and offers minimal distractions, which is unlike any other casual dining restaurant diner out there.

The overall theme of the venue makes it a high turnover restaurant while delivering a smooth right hook of flavors without compromising on the high-end vibe of the area. In addition, it is also one of those gourmet burgers which you can choose the doneness of the patty.

And don’t worry, even though it’s a burger joint, if you still don’t know what to order, signature dishes such as the Creamy Burrata burger and Ultimate Cheeseburger to order with traditional Fries, or onion rings, are a must-have for the first-timer.

However, you may be wondering why the Creamy Burrata Burger is a must, given that it is somewhat extravagant and mostly related to Italian delicacies rather than a casual “American” dining, and the answer is fairly simple: Burrata cheese is a rare delicacy, especially in Thailand, and it is very difficult to find any place that offers fresh, and of good quality ones.

What’s more gratifying than a burger, is a burger accompanied by a nice glass of beer, and there are lots to select from, ranging from light beer to dark beer, small to large pint, and for those who like other types of beverages, cocktails, soft drinks, and even milkshakes are available as well.

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