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November 25, 2022
Mr. Max B.

Visiting “Inkhong,” a comparatively tiny but spacious art gallery packed with stories in Ekkamai.

There’s no denying that Bangkok in itself is an art.From rich cultural heritage such as city’s mixed architectures to paintings on temple walls, or even the street art and regional painting that can be seen literally almost everywhere. To many travelers, this is something worth delve into.

In addition to the traditional Thai art that we are familiar with, Thailand’s modern art is also on the increase. Both locals and visitors have discovered that there is more to Thailand than merely appreciating the tradition that slowly becoming the standard travel dogma.

Apart from the renowned Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre: Bangkok’s most well-known art exhibitor, it appears that in this day and age, smaller modern art galleries are expanding at an unprecedented rate. And for good reason.

And ‘Inkhong’ is the among the very first few that sets the new wave…

Inkhong Art Space, located at 419 Ekkamai, is a non-profit art gallery that displays interesting art pieces from both Thai and foreigner’s artist curated by Nim Niyomsin, which also includes November’s exhibition: ‘Sentient’s Dream’, a dual exhibition by Giles Ryder and Dow Wasiksiri

Dow Wasiksiri explores his primary medium, photography, in Sentient’s Dream. He has crafted and constructed space and narrative in some series that appear to transform flat surfaces into other worlds within, an overlap of internal and external spheres. In others, he has captured the moment as well as the natural alteration of objects, which serve as an outlet for the unconscious and a means of processing information. As in this case, “Termite’s Dream Comes True,” an art collection that displays edited photographs of playboy magazines that have been eaten by termites.

While the idea of an army of termites devouring your favorite playboy magazine is debatable, the presentation appears to inspire you to take a closer look and interpret the art as “a free space for interpretation.” Which translates as “It’s an art, think of it how you want.”

Another artist to be recognized is Giles Ryder, who uses synthetic materials such as neon lights to create a disorienting environment. Painting is one example of a traditional medium that has been reinterpreted and deconstructed. His works correspond to cultural signification associated with the material used, as well as the physical and psychological effects of lighting, colors, form, and space.

Both artists have created a sensory realm that is fluid and open to individual interpretation and inquiry in this event. A chance to meet in a limited space and time that stimulates our senses and prompts personal reflection.


  • Collector art gallery
  • Free of charge. No benefits
  • Available on every Wednesday – Sunday from 13.00 until 21.00
  • Exhibition changes every 2 months.
  • Mostly display abstract art.
  • Next exhibition: December.
  • Two storey building
  • Light: drawing, then apply
  • Giles Ryder: light
  • Dow Wasiksiri: photographs

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