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Rong Klan Nuea

Rong Klan Nuea

February 17, 2023
Max B.

If you translate the name of this noodle shop, it literally means “Beef Brewery.”

Go back about 30 years in Bangkok, Thailand, you’ll notice that there aren’t as many shops selling beef noodle as there are today, primarily because any type of beef dish was never a popular choice for them. There are several explanations for this, but the main one has to do with a Chinese TV series called “The Reincarnated Princess (1985),” which was on air back in the day. It is a story based on the mythology of the goddess of compassion and mercy known as “Quan Yin.” The TV show was so popular that it had a significant impact on viewers, especially for Thai-Chinese residents, and for many, it changed the way they consumed beef for generations to come. As a result of the plummeting demand, many beef noodle shops (which was considered a popular delicacy back then) have closed, many restaurants have canceled their beef dishes, and those that are still open must convert their beef-based dishes to pork-based dishes.

However, fast forward to the present day, things are beginning to return to what it once was. Many Thai people have begun to consume more beef, and for those who do, one of the greatest joys for them can be as simple as having a bowl of beef noodle. And believe it or not, beef noodle has become increasingly popular among Thais that it has almost become more or less a cult in the past couple of years. Why? The simplest explanation is that the younger generation did not watch the TV series the same way the elders did, and the second most important reason is that they taste pretty darn good! Therefore, when personal beliefs were removed from the equation, beef dishes became a common treat rather than tragedies, as
many elders may regard them.

If you walk down Songwas Road and pass “Rong Klan Nuea,” you’ll notice that this noodle shop is a great example of the Thai beef noodle hype that’s growing. This is proven by the flock of people lining up outside and the seats that are always full at the busiest time of the day. While most customers are simply looking forward to sitting down and quickly having a hot bowl of noodle on the first floor of the shop and then be on their way, the second floor is also available for anyone who enjoys the scenic view of Songwas.

Even those who are unaware of the existence of this noodle shop will have to admit that the main attraction isn’t just the building design, the atmosphere, or even the menus themselves, but the irresistible aroma of the broth made in a massive noodle pot that has escaped from the shop to invite any passerby. On the top of the pot lies a giant brass bowl in which functions as a divider, sorting different cuts of braised beef. Onto the menu, Rong Klan Nuea offers a list of dishes for you to check out and customize to your liking, ranging from their braised beef without noodle, a regular bowl of beef noodle, a soup, all the way to “empirical noodle” which is basically the largest bowl available. However, if you still have no idea what to order, our recommendation for the first timer is to try their signature Chinese donut served with braised beef soup (270 Baht).

That’s all there is to it! All that remains is for you to take a seat, enjoy the noodle, and then proceed to explore the surrounding area. You can also order it to go and share it with friends and family if you’ve finished exploring the area and want to grab something before heading home. Either way, it works.


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