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The Artist’s House

The Artist’s House

October 23, 2022
Mr. Max B.

What’s in the most underrated place called “The Artist’s House” hidden in Phetkasem 20

What if you wake up one morning to find yourself in an old, wooden Thai-style house next to a canal… You stood up, walked to the vintage-looking window, and tried to look outside, but whatever you saw was hazy, so you went downstairs, and walked out of that house, only to be surrounded by a place that looked exactly like Chiang Mai… So you tried to figure out what was going on by listening to what the locals were saying, but they didn’t speak the northern dialect.

“What is this place?” you may wonder. Were you in Bangkok last night? While this is an extremely unlikely scenario that would never happen to anyone, there is only one place that would make you think the same if it happened to you, and that place is called: The Artist’s House.

Have we piqued your interest? It will only get better from here.

When we arrived at The Artist’s House, it was difficult to put into words what this location, or this community is. This place is a cultural myth, offering everything from a local canal tour on a long-tail boat to making your own budget-friendly DIY bracelet to watching a private Ramayana Thai Puppet show or simply to just immersing yourself in a Thai-style art gallery. It is a mix of both old and new art culture that will remind those who have visited Chiang Mai of… well, Chiang Mai.

The location is easy to navigate; the entire community was designed as a linear U shape that you can return to once you’ve finished exploring. Food and beverages are not the main focus but are available should a refreshing drink or a bite-to-eat be needed.

Speaking of drinks, nothing beats a hot day like a cold glass of coffee, or anything that resembles one, and we’ve discovered that The local café/art gallery/souvenir shop/activity center closest to Bang Luang canal has something quite refreshing that you might not expect.

We’ll keep the specifics a secret just to tease our readers, and you’ll have to find out on your own what they’re offering. But here’s a little hint: It involves sugar cane juice.

It takes some work to get to The Artist’s House if you’re interested in visiting the location. The easiest option is to take an MRT from any location and get off at the “Bang Pai” station. Then, continue 700 meters down Phetkasem Soi 20 to Wat Kam Paeng Bang Chak, turn left, and proceed 50 meters along the canal walk way to Artist House Bangkok.

Finally, if you’re on your way back, purchasing a souvenir from a vendor nearby can go a long way toward supporting the local economy. Choose something handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, such as paintings, handcrafted products, or one-of-a-kind potteries. One of the reasons is that, aside from the cost of food and the long-tailed boat canal tour, the entire exploration practically costs nothing.

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