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Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang Market

December 22, 2022
Max B.

You wouldn’t believe how many street food parlors are there at Wang Lang Market.

If you enjoy strolling through Thai markets, sampling street food, shopping for handmade clothing, or simply taking in the atmosphere, Wang Lang Market is the place just for you.

Wang Lang Market and its pier ‘Wang Lang (Prannok) Pier’ is located next to the Chaophraya River, on the opposite side of Thammasat University. Getting there takes some effort, but nothing too strenuous. You can take public transportation, such as the Chaophraya express boat, from one ferry terminal to another for no more than 30 Baht.

If you’re hungry and looking for something new, the first restaurant you should try is ‘Tee Yai Hoytod.’ The 55-year-old restaurant serves a variety of dishes, but the main draw has to be their signature crispy seafood pancakes, which have fed the local college students and any professionals who works nearby for generations.

After finishing the crispy seafood pancake, it’s time to take a stroll and look around. Aside from the great street food available throughout Wang Lang Market, some handcrafted products such as clothing and bracelets are also available for those who like to take some souvenirs back home, whether a tie-dyed dress or a pendant made from beautiful stones.

Another recommended restaurant is “Khao Soi Tem Soot,” which serves one of the best Northern Thai coconut curry noodles around, with homemade rice noodle that is cooked to perfection given its soft and chewy texture served on a thick, spicy, and full-of-flavor broth that pairs with your favorite proteins such as chicken, pork, and beef. Don’t be surprised if your dish arrived with some condiments on the side, such as red shallots and a quarter sliced lime; adding a tiny bit of sourness to the dish helps to balance and amp up the flavor. Furthermore, the dish goes well with their fresh coconut juice, which is available on the drink menu. That could explain why the restaurant has been open for more than 20 years.

Finally, it’s time for a coffee. While there are many great cafés to try, ranging from boba tea, hot chocolate drinks, or freshly squeezed orange juice, the winner of all cafés has to be given to N10 Café located inside Baan Wanglang Riverside. In contrast to the hasty, fast, and vibrant atmosphere of Wang Lang Market, this location on the other hand exudes calm and peaceful vibe which is ideal for those who needs to appreciate the view of Chaophraya river and embracing some breezing wind. Even though this place may not be the place that ideally represents Wang Lang that much due to its quick, grab n’ go vibe, but if you need someplace to sit with friends, chat, and enjoy the day, this is definitely the winner. In addition, this may be the very first time for you to try their signature coffee mixed with passionfruit juice.

If you still have some more room in your stomach on the way back, there are plenty of parlors at the ferry terminal. So, while you’re waiting for your express boat, grab a sweet and mild Thai tea (and probably some freshly made roti). A great way to end the expedition.


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