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The Blooming Gallery

The Blooming Gallery

February 8, 2023
Max B.

When you step into this little yet charming teahouse, you’ll be shocked at how delicious their teas are.

The afternoon tea culture exists for a reason. Whether you need to take a break, socialize, get your project started, or to get some inspiration, a good cup of tea, some dessert, and a book can do wonders more than you think.

The Blooming Gallery is a great example of why we sometimes need to get away and be alone with ourselves and some good company. It is a tea cafe and bar hidden in Thonglor, Bangkok’s central entertainment district, offering a ‘sweet and rustic’ style of decoration and atmosphere, as well as decoration made mostly, if not entirely, of flowers and fresh leaves, and the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the shop is a sudden lovely relaxation vibe to put your mind at ease, followed by a subtle hint of freshly ground coffee being made. Everything in the café was inspired by Oscar Claude Monet artworks, a notable French impressionist artist who strongly affected both the décor and cuisine design Everything in the café was inspired by Oscar Claude Monet, a great French impressionist artist who heavily influenced both the décor and food design, ranging from savory dishes to sweet delicacies, as
well as most of its names.

The featured food and beverages are artfully crafted, fresh, and, most importantly, delicious. The primary attraction that a first-time visitor should not miss is their matcha soft cheesecake, which is a smooth and silky green tea cake served in a chilled marble cup (with a cute wooden spoon on the side). This fantastic specialty dessert is made up of four layers: soft cheesecake, matcha mousse, and crunchy crumbles, and when served, you will notice freshly sprinkled matcha from Kyoto on top of fresh cream right at your table which could make you giggle with excitement. And to be fair to people who do not enjoy green tea, “The Woodlane,” a tea smoked sticky English pudding baked with premium dried persimmon served with Earl Grey gelato and homemade salted caramel is also available. Another option that you can choose for anyone who is looking for something to pair with tea but without tea in the dessert is a freshly baked chocolate lava cake with pistachio cream inside, served with pistachio gelato and floral decoration.

The teahouse experience would be incomplete if we did not highlight their signature product, which is clearly their tea. And when it comes to tea, “Hello, Mr. Caramello” has to be the victor in terms of the most fascinating tea on the menu. With distinct caramel and rooibos undertones and a flavor that is not overpowering, it is a perfect tea that anybody would like, especially for tea connoisseurs.

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