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December 22, 2022
Max B.

Meet the owner of “Thaitsuki,” a company that has been producing high-quality Japanese swords since 2001.

Owning a Japanese sword is probably one of the greatest dreams of many men. We’ve seen it everywhere in the media; we’ve seen countless movies, cartoons, and documentaries about warriors from feudal Japan honing their swords with honor and respect. There is no doubt that everyone knows what a samurai is or what a katana is, and to satisfy the itch of wanting to touch one or hold onto a real sword that’s not just for decorative purposes, we’ve traveled all the way to Samut Prakarn to speak to Mr. Sathit “Jack” Pitchayawanlop, the owner of “Thaitsuki” a Thai-branded Japanese sword manufacturer that has been in business since 2001.

It all started when he wanted to have his own Japanese sword collection, so he began studying and experimenting for two years on how to make a good quality sword. He stated that “I woke up every day feeling delighted and fulfilled. Even though the company does not make a lot of money, it brings me joy like no other because I was always rewarded by the fans, who are always excited for my products, especially in this day and age. Time passed, and the next thing you know, it’s already been 23 years since the day I began making these swords,” Jack reflected.

According to Jack, the whole point of making swords, which he admitted is a very niche product, is to satisfy his inner self. It fulfills him in such a manner that every day he gets out of bed, he feels whole, and when he meets individuals who are like-minded, he realizes that what he’s doing matters to them, and they recognize the worth in the things he makes.

When asked why he likes Japanese swords, Jack stated that the most enticing quality of Japanese swords is the attention to detail in every phase of swordmaking. Every component of the sword has a name, and they are all equally essential. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the entire creation was designed with efficiency in account. For example; people often assumed that the grooves on the side of the blade were merely for cosmetic purposes, although such grooves were designed to achieve a weight balance in each sword. Every detail of Japanese swordmaking was meticulously documented. The rule was so absolute that it required every feature of the making to be precisely correct without compromise, whether it was the angle of the tip of the blade, the ridge of the blade, or the correct curve, and he had to study every detail of it to properly understand it. “To be honest, even though I’ve been in the business for almost 23 years, I’m still learning.”

The Thaitsuki brand’s greatest strength is Jack’s preference for quality above quantity, which is likely what makes their brand a favorite among clients who expect the best. It is a work of art precisely crafted for individuals who value craftsmanship with no compromise in quality and fit.

“But here is our greatest weakness: each sword takes ages to create, so the purchaser will have to wait months,” Jack continued. He laughed. “However, they’ll gladly wait.”

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